Intercepting Text Messages- What Are The Best Apps Out There To Monitor SMS Messages?

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text message spyWhen intercepting text messages the choice in phone spy software can never be underestimated. For starters most people are looking for something that is affordable, easy to use and most importantly it has to work. It is also a good idea to choose a sms spy app which is compatible with a wide range of smart phones such as Blackberry, Android, Symbian, iphone and more. This is very useful because sometimes the person you are monitoring may change their mobile phone. You in turn will then want to transfer the program so you can continue to monitor the person however if the product is not compatible with the new smart phone then you would have lost your money. This means purchasing another program and starting from scratch.

How to get started intercepting text messages?

Before you purchase any sms spy software to monitor someone’s text messages you must ensure it is compatible with the mobile phone you are targeting. Once that is confirmed then your next step would be to register for the particular surveillance application. The registration process is a short one in which at the end you will receive a personal account from the website with a unique user name and password. The next step will be to install the text message spy app on the mobile. This takes the usual time required to download and install any other software which is typically less than ten minutes.  The information gathered is then sent to your personal account or via email ready for you to read.

Since all the information is available on the web you will be able to access it from anywhere in the world providing you have an internet connection (e.g. smartphone, wifi hotspots etc). There are no simpler method out there for intercepting text messages.

So which Text message spy app should I choose?

Before purchasing any software you should know that there is no app on the market today which has just one feature. In addition to intercepting text messages you will be able to spy on other communications such as calls made and received and much more. In terms of choices of software your best bet is to try Mobistealth or Mobile spy.

mobistealth software

1# Mobistealth is considered the best software when it comes to intercepting text messages. It comes in three versions which are Lite, Pro and Prox. The significance of this is that each version will carry various features in which Lite is the least and Prox is the most. In addition the price will also vary in order to suit the individual’s pocket and surveillance needs. Mobistealth features includes tracking the smart phone and also spying on sms messages, websites visited, browser history,emails, Whatsapp messenger and much more. The cost starts at $39.99USD for the usage and varies according to the type of subscription chosen.

For more information about this software

mobile spy app

2# Mobile spy is number 2. Although it may cost a bit more than Mobistealth the truth remains that it actually has more features than its competitor. In addition to the basic surveillance functions mentioned earlier to monitor sms messages, websites, Whatsapp messenger etc this program can also record keystrokes; social media activities (e.g. twitter and facebook); instant messenger services (e.g. yahoo messenger) and much more. The best part is that it could be used to spy on three separate devices with a single purchase. The starting price for this program is $49.95USD which is 10 bucks more than its competition. If you are interested in finding out how to intercept text messages and more by using Mobile spy then visit

How to intercept text messages of your loves ones

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monitor text messagesThe easiest way to intercept the text messages of any smart phone is to install special spy software. The only other alternative is that you would have to snoop through their phones when the person is not around or sleeping. Using this method to intercept text messages is ineffective because even if you were able to go through the device everyday; you would never know if anything was deleted. Also if the person realises what you are doing then they will either start to delete the messages more frequently or request the other guilty party to stop doing so.

Either way it is bad for you and this is not even mentioning the arguments or tension it will cause in the relationship. Even if you are not the bad guy you would be made out to be one because it really demonstrates trust issues.

How does these text message spy apps actually work?

As mentioned earlier you must install the software onto the mobile you wish to monitor. Otherwise intercepting text messages will be impossible. However; it does not start with that first, you need to choose a program you wish to use. When choosing any application you must ensure that it is compatible with the cell phone you are targeting. It would then be a matter of setting it up on the mobile you wish to monitor. When that has been completed, the program then goes into stealth mode capturing the communications it was designed to. These logs are then sent to a secure online account in which the user simply access it using a web browser to view the information online. The best part is that you do not have to be a guru to implement this technology. It only requires a basic knowledge of how to install an app on the smart phone.

Although your primary focus will be on the monitoring text messages these applications usually come with other functions. You will be able to monitor Blackberry messenger; track the mobile via gps; intercept emails and much more. Since texting is becoming obsolete most persons are looking for an app which can also track the other messenger services.

Can you recommend a sms spy app?

Phonesheriff and Mobile spy are the best sms monitoring programs you can get right now. Both carry the same basic functionality which include the ability to:

  • Intercept text messages
  • Track the mobile via gps positioning
  • Monitor email communications
  • Phone book details
  • Call logging
  • Picture logging
  • Website tracking


In terms of affordability; Phonesheriff is the better choice because it contains just the right features to get the job done and an excellent. At just 50 dollars it is actually in the price range of most persons and individuals. Another cool aspect of this product is that it offers telephone support to its client. This mean that when you are in a jam it won’t take a lengthy time to resolve your issue. For further details on Phonesheriff go.

Mobile spy now allows it users to monitor three different devices with just one subscription. It also carry functions which you would not see on Phonesheriff which includes spying on Whatsapp messenger; youtube monitoring; keystroke monitoring and more. In terms of customer service it is also on par with its rival. The only difference is the price in which its starting price is 50 bucks. If you are interested in finding out how to intercept text messages with mobile spy then visit

Intercepting Text Messages With Mobile Spy Software

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intercept text messages

Mobile spy is the number one phone spy app you can get when intercepting text messages. This sms interceptor software was created by the Retina X studios and have been in existence since 1997. It is no newbie to the market and can be considered an old veteran. In terms of features it does not only allow you to intercept text messages but also a number of other communications. Therefore by combining the features as a whole you will definitely discover what is up with the person you wish to monitor. It also takes the ease of relying on one function for the source of information.

Advantages of using Mobile spy when intercepting text messages.

On the market today there is no other app which offers as much bang for buck than Mobile spy. The first thing you will notice when reviewing this software is that it is compatible with virtually every major smart phone brand including the apple ipad. Therefore as a buyer you will more than likely find the app is compatible with the mobile phone you wish to monitor and also if it was to change then it is highly likely that this software would function on it as well.

Besides being generally compatible with many smart phone types this software also has three major advantages over the competition.

  1. It offers you the ability to spy on three separate phones. In the cases of a family or business this would be really advantageous because you would definitely have to pay more for three separate subscriptions with a different product.
  2. It has the best customer service in which you actually can call them and speak to someone on the phone. This takes away from the back and fourth emails although that system is also in place if need be.
  3. You can also monitor the person’s computer with a free version of Sniper Spy included in the one year subscription. Therefore you will gain access to all the passwords, msn logs and more. This means you will get the best of both worlds.

With these perks it is no wonder why it is one of the most popular apps used to intercept text messages.

Mobile spy review: Features

In total Mobile spy software has over ten key features. These are listed below:

  • Sms interception: The ability to read someones text messages unknown to them.
  • Cell phone gps tracking: you will be able to view the location of the mobile phone you are monitoring on a google map within a few feet. The actual location point of the mobile is highlighted with a marker.
  • Call logging: every single call made or received by the phone is recorded.
  • Picture Capturing: Any pictures taken is automatically captured and sent to your account.
  • Video Recording: Any videos taken with the phone is automatically recorded
  • Email logging: Mobile spy captures every email communication sent or received by the primary email account only.
  • Website recording: Each url visited is logged
  • Phone book Log: Everyone on the phones contact book will be sent to you.
  • Calendar Log: Events, memos and more which are for special occasions will also be sent to you.

Price and Purchase:

Mobile spy price starts at $49.99USD and goes up to $99.99 depending on the subscription type. If you would like more information about this product or would like to ask any questions then . You literally can start reading someones text messages within minutes.

Intercepting text messages FAQ

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How much do I have to pay to intercept text messages?

It varies from phone to phone it can can cost as little as $29.99USD to $345.99 USD. The large variation is due to the fact that sms interceptor app actually comes with additional features and these functions contributes in determining the cost of the final product?

What software is available for intercepting text messages?

Currently on the market the two most recommended products are Spybubble and Mobile spy. Both work equally well however for those person’s who wish to monitor sms messages exclusively then Spybubble is the best offer and will cost that person $49.95USD. For more information about these products visit each review article:

Mobile Spy review

Spybubble review

Is checking someones text messages legal?

Spying on sms messages maybe illegal depending on who you are spying on. It is best to seek legal advice to discover whether it is legal or illegal in your area.

Can you monitor text messages for free?

Yes, currently Mobile spy is actually offering persons a free 7 day trial on their products. If you were to get the information which you need or for some reason do not like this sms interceptor then you can choose not to purchase the software. It is with no obligations and with any free trial you will get to try it before you buy it.

Is there a remote method of installing this type of application?

Currently there is no software on the market today which can install their sms interceptor remotely. You need at least five minutes to download, install and configure this product. You will still need physical contact with the piece of equipment.

Can you transfer the app from one phone to another?

Most apps which are used for intercepting text messages are transferable from one cell phone to another. The only problem occurs when the phone moves to one which is not currently compatible.

Do I get any additional functionality with this type of software?

You can spy on virtually any cell phone communication you can think of which includes Blackberry messenger, phone conversations, gps locations, pictures taken and more. The cost however increases as the features do as well if you want something affordable then check out Spybubble.

Blackberry messenger spy – How to spy on bbm communications remotely?

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spy on bbmIf you are interested in obtaining a bbm spy app do not look any further because in this overview we will be looking at top quality programs online which could be used to monitor Blackberry messenger chat. Once installed onto that smart phone it will commence capturing all of the messages sent back and forth and then send it to a secure account online. To view the chat you would need to access your account using your special username and password and that is it. Also please note bbm messenger is not the only thing that you would be monitoring with these apps. You will also be able to spy on Blackberry text messages, phone book details, emails and more. In that way you will be given a better understanding of the person you are watching because you will be able to combine these additional features together to acquire a better picture.

When you start spying on bbm conversations there is a lot of things which you can uncover. You may notice that your child is dealing with the wrong crowd or an employee is leaking company secrets. Since you are now aware of the situation it is now possible to handle it in the most appropriate manner. However; please note that you should never openly admit that you are specifically spying on their Blackberry messenger chat. Otherwise that person will definitely hide what he or she is doing by asking the other party not to say certain things over this channel. A successful spying operation is really dependent on the person not knowing you are watching their actions.


What software should I look to use?

In the case of a bbm spy, you should be looking at either Mobistealth Pro or Mobile spy. Either of them are able to track this messenger conversations. The main difference between them are price and also features. Presently both of these Blackberry surveillance programs are able to monitor text messages, contact information, websites browsed, call history, appointment calendar and pictures taken by the device. Mobistealth however; takes things a step further by being able to listen to the Blackberry phone surroundings and also monitor sim changes. In all this program is usually the preferred app when it comes to Blackberry messenger spying. The starting price is just under 80 bucks for a subscription but it is definitely worth it. For further information on Mobistealth visit

The second option which is Mobile spy is slowly rising to the top of the market. This program is capable of monitoring instant messenger services (such as yahoo messenger), facebook, twitter and much more in addition to the basic functions mentioned earlier. It also allows you to track the communications of three Blackberry phones with one subscription. It has not been able to spy on bbm chat as long as Mobistealth but it is being used more frequently. If you are looking to find out more details on Mobile spy then visit

Best Blackberry surveillance software – What are my options to spy on a Blackberry mobile phone?

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blackberry spy appsBlackberry surveillance software are robust apps used to keep an eye on your children or employee’s smart phone. These programs allow you to spy on Blackberry smart phones communications including bbm, text messages, phone calls etc. This is done in stealth which mean that the user would be totally unaware that he is being monitored. As a result you might find out things which he or she ought not be doing. In those situations then it is possible to handle things as you deem fit. This is why surveillance software for Blackberry phones are becoming so popular because they reveal the truth which you might never know otherwise.

How do I go around implementing a Blackberry spy app?

The first thing you need to do is to find a decent surveillance app. There are quite a few vendors online however; all are not made equal. Each carries its own set of functions and some are more reliable than others. When choosing a particular program you should make sure that it can also spy on Blackberry messenger. Otherwise, you would be missing out on some critical information because this service is actually replacing text messaging as we speak.

Once you decide on the particular program then it is time to download and install it onto the smart phone targeted. The Blackberry surveillance program would then do the rest capturing each and every transmission it was designed to do. The data is then sent to an online account in which the user would only have to access it to view the details. Overall, since everything is online then you could see what is happening anywhere providing there is internet service.

What are my choices in software?

Presently, when it comes to Blackberry spy software your best choices are either Mobistealth or Mobile spy. Both of these programs offer a great deal of surveillance functions including the ability to spy on bbm, text messages, contact details, emails visited, gps location (track the Blackberry secretly on a map) and more. Many persons tend to go with Mobistealth as the first option because it offers two different packages which are Lite and Pro. As a result you can choose what functions you wish with a matching price. If you would like to find out more about Mobistealth then go.

The second option is Mobile spy which starting price is a bit more than Mobistealth however; in addition to the features mentioned earlier it can also monitor other messenger services (such as yahoo, msn etc), facebook and twitter. Mobile spy starts at 50 bucks for a subscription and although you may have to pay more the fact still remains that you will get quite a bit of bang for your buck. For further details about this Blackberry surveillance software visit

Text message tracking software – Discover the most advance programs to track a cell phone text messages?

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Have you heard recently about text message tracking software? Do you have questions like how does it work or what are my best options? Do not worry because by the end of this review you will definitely know everything there is to about this topic including the most notorious programs around. Text message tracking software is a mobile phone spy software tool specifically designed to monitor a cell phone text or sms messages. It is like looking over the person’s shoulder constantly and seeing what is going on.

Although the major feature you will be looking at is the ability to spy on sms messages the truth is that you can do other things with these types of applications. This includes viewing all pictures taking by the phone, intercept phone calls, spy on blackberry messenger and other attributes. The key thing to note is that cost varies with the functions. Therefore you can be paying as little as 50 dollars to as much as 1000 bucks for an application. When making your selection you really need to take the package as a whole into consideration. Usually by combining the ability to track text messages and the other features you will be able to uproot what the person is really up to.

What are recommended text message tracking app?

In this review we will look at the two major cell phone spy apps out now. These are Spybubble and Mobistealth respectively. Spybubble is the basic option which features include intercepting text messages, tracking the smart phone, capturing pictures taken, viewing websites visited, monitoring emails and more. The great part is that it takes only few bucks to implement and also every single activity recorded will be sent to you via email. Therefore you will always be informed especially if you have a smartphone at your disposal. For more specifics on Spybubble visit

Mobistealth on the other hand is a more robust text message tracking software. It offers a range of capabilities from simple to robust. Therefore you will be able to do things like tap the cell phone, spy on bbm communications, use the mobile as a bug and more. It prices vary because it comes in three versions which are Lite, Pro and Prox. You will choose the version according to the functionality you need. The price for this application ranges between 40 bucks to 250 USD.

For more information on Mobistealth

Cell phone Surveillance software – What is the best method to monitor a mobile phone?

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surveillance of a mobile phoneIf you would like to monitor someone’s mobile phone covertly then your best option would be cell phone surveillance software. There are other methods which you can use such as the sim card reader however the truth is that it is not as good. For starters a sim card reader and any other device usually require you to gain repetitive access to the cell phone in order to acquire the information.  This means to get your surveillance information you would have to hook it up to the smart phone periodically in order to see what is going. This is sometimes unrealistic because you may not be able to consistently get your hands on the mobile phone to actually use these devices.

However, when dealing with cell phone surveillance software it is just a matter of installing the program once on the smart phone and you will always be informed of its communications. This is either via emails or through a secure web account which purpose is to store the data acquire. Either way you will always be in tuned to what is occurring without having to mess around the person’s mobile consistently. This comes to another advantage of surveillance software over hardware and that is information is delivered almost instantly. Therefore you will not have to wait to the end of the day to hook up the hardware to realize what has transpired.

So what can you do with a mobile phone surveillance app?

Everything depends on the type of software you require however, you can do virtually anything with this technology including intercepting text messages; tapping a phone call; monitor the smart phone location through satellite and much more. So you have a wide range of abilities to choose from. The only thing you will have to be certain of is that the product is compatible with the smart phone and that you will be able to set it up. Once you are certain of that then you will be able to spy on your spouse, children and virtually anyone for that matter.

Where can I find a decent spy program?

As mentioned earlier cell phone surveillance software can give you various abilities. In this overview we will look at two types the simple and the advance one. When it comes to simplicity you can use Spybubble. It is actually one of the more popular cell phone surveillance apps and it contains features such as sms spying, gps tracking, call logging etc. It actually have just enough features to get the job done and it costs just $49.99USD. For more information visit  .

If you want to go a bit further then Mobistealth is your product it will contain the basic functions but also advance ones such as call interception, spy phone calling bbm monitoring and much more. The price varies unlike Spybubble depending on which activities you wish to monitor. It starts at $39.99USD and can go as high as $249.99USD so choose the package wisely. If you would like to find out more about Mobistealth then

Free sms spy software – Which apps on the market are allowing you to monitor someone’s sms for no charge.

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mobile spy softwareThe thought of free sms spy software is a great. Unfortunately, most cell phone surveillance software companies do not see it as being very profitable. However, there is still one app which will give you the power of intercepting someone’s text messages without putting forward a dime to the cause. It is not complimentary so it is not indefinite but you can take advantage of the free 7 day trial offer. If you like it then you can decide to purchase a subscription. If you got all the information you need or for some other reason you do not need it then there is no obligation for you to buy.

Does this sound good so far? If you believe that seven days is not enough for a free sms spy well do not worry. Most of the times people find out what they need to within the first day of using this type of software. If however, you need a bit more you can spend just as low as $49.99USD (check below for our special discount offer).

What app offers me a trial version to monitor sms messages?

The answer to that question is Mobile spy software. It is one of the most sought after cell phone surveillance applications you will find around. It is not limited to only sms spying but you will also be able to locate the mobile phone position via gps; view the call logs, view websites visited; picture and video capturing; email interception; contact details and calendar events capturing. These are more than enough to help you acquire all the information about the person which you are monitoring.

The best part is that the free version of Mobile Spy is the same as the one you will purchase. Therefore you won’t be testing a watered down product but what you will be actually getting if you decide to buy it in the end.

How do I get started with my free sms spy software?

It is pretty simple just register for the app. You just need to to go to the trial download page . You will then have to sign up and afterwards you will be given instructions to use the software. Install and start monitoring within minutes of virtually any target smart phone. If you do decide to extend the subscription then use coupon code “ spymonitor25” for a 25 % discount. You will just have to input it on the actual purchase page. So good luck and happy sms monitoring.

Nokia sms spy software | How to intercept Nokia text messages

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spying on nokia text messagesThere are quite a few Nokia sms spy apps on the market today and sometimes it can be confusing in terms of which ones to use or to avoid like the plague. Many offer additional bells and whistles which would allow you to see other cell phone activities however this is at an additional cost to you. The price can range from $50.00 to as much as $500.00 depending primarily on the brand chosen and the functions offered. It is usually found that the best sms spy software for Nokia tend to come with two main features. Intercepting text messages is a must and also the ability to monitor the phone’s location.

Once it has these two features under its belt then typically you will acquire the majority of information which you would need. It does not mean to avoid the more robust applications but ensure the product does add great additional value with what it has to offer. In this review of the best Nokia sms spy software there are actually two great applications which stand out in this arena. One will give you the basic functionality and the other will give you more robust features. Depending on the situation and the person you are watching it is best to choose the one which works best for you.

What are my Nokia text message spy software options?

There are two choices which you will have to consider. The first one is Spybubble and the second is Flexispy. The first choice is your classic sms spy application which features include the ability to monitor text messages, calls made or received, websites visited, email correspondences, contacts in the phone book, the exact gps location of the mobile and also it has the capture pictures taken by the Nokia phone.  Typically by combining all of the attributes of this Nokia sms spy software you will get a clear idea of what is going on with the person you are monitoring. The best part is that it cost just $49.99USD for the product. For more information on Spybubble you can visit the official website if you

The other second app mentioned is Flexispy. This product is currently the number one cell phone spy application on the internet. Its features include the same ones as Spybubble however there are more such as cell phone call tapping, sim change notification and also remote control of the app. These are more robust features which may be useful depending on the person you are monitoring. For example when you listen in on the person’s cell phone conversations there is usually nothing which will escape you from there. Its price range varies between $150USD to $349.99USD depending on the attributes which you desire. If you are interested in finding out more about Flexispy then visit for more detail information about this Nokia sms spy app.

SMS monitoring |How to discreetly spy on someone’s sms correspondences?

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woman monitoring sms messagesSpying on sms messages is a good method to see what someone is really up to. Monitoring their text message communications secretly can tell you whether she or he is faithful or if your child is good or naughty. Can you imagine what dirty details you will be able to see once you start to look through their mobile phone messages? Well, as you can imagine it may be your worst nightmare however, as they say the truth will set you free. This is one thing you must be aware of if you decide to spy on someone’s sms messages and that is, you may actually find what you were looking for.

The major difficulties of just taking up the person’s cell phone and then skimming through the activities is the fact that it may not be readily accessible and also the person may delete the communications before you get a chance to see them. This is where sms spy software comes into play because once it is installed onto the mobile phone in question; you will be guaranteed to see every inbound and outbound sms message.

How does this surveillance technology work?

The software used to spy on sms activities work pretty simple; everything starts with you signing up for the app you are interested in using. Once you have signed up then you will move to the second stage which is the installation. This varies slightly between products however the better cell phone surveillance programs will allow you to do the set up within ten minutes. It usually involves downloading the app from the internet and then installing it onto the respective mobile with minor configurations.

After that you will be sent all the details of the correspondences via the internet. The typical method of delivery is either via email or to a web account in which you will have to log onto. This means you will be able to spy on sms messages virtually at anytime during the day.   When you get the information it will be up to you to decide what you will do with it.

Can I do more than spy on sms activities?

The answer to that question is absolutely you can monitor virtually any communication of a smart phone but it will cost you. Some of the most popular features which are sought after are bbm spying, call tapping and also cell phone tracking. These extra bells and whistles are great however it will come at a cost to you. It is certain however you would get great results from just using a spy app with key functionality. Therefore instead of paying hundreds of dollars you can definitely get your answers by just paying around 50 bucks.

spybubble software

If you are interested in an app which will give you the functionality you need as well at a good cost then you should take a look at Spybubble. It is definitely one of the more well-known apps on the internet today. In addition to being able to spy on sms communications you will also be able to monitor calls (placed and received), emails, websites visited, the cell phone location and more.

If you are interested in finding out more about Spybubble then visit .

Best sms spy software – How to easily intercept someone’s sms messages

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sms spying softwareWhen someone is actively searching for sms spy software it usually means that there is something going on at home or work which is a major concern. It can be you are worried that your children are being led astray or maybe someone you are working with is stealing from you. Whatever the reason is you believe that if you can intercept their text messages and other communications then it would shed some light on what is happening.

The truth is sms spying technology have being very successful in helping people discover the truth about others in their lives. The main concern is usually which software you should use to intercept someone’s sms messages with. There are a number of applications out there however many are unsuitable for your needs. Therefore instead of you going through them one by one and making mistakes this review has compiled a list of the two most popular applications which will definitely give you the value you are looking for.

The average price of both of these sms spy apps is $50.00USD and the best part is that you will be able to do much more than just monitor the person’s texting communications. Therefore you will have a bit more to play with and also a greater scope in terms of gathering evidence.

What is the best sms spy software around?

Your best choices are between Spybubble and its main rival Mobistealth. Both of them have an excellent reputation, cost around the same price however you will find that there is a slight difference in the features. Mobistealth has the ability to listen to the surroundings of the cell phone which is really neat. This can be used to spy on lunch room conversations and more to get the real juice about what is going on with the person. Below is a overview of each of the sms spy software products recommended.

spy bubble


  • Features: spying on sms messages, gps tracking, call history monitoring, website monitoring, picture logging (view photos taken by the phone), view phone contacts and intercept email communications.
  • Price: $49.995USD
  •  Compatible phones: Symbian based (e.g. Nokia), Windows mobile (e.g. HTC, LG), Blackberry Android (e.g. Samsung) and iphone
  • Website: 

mobistealth software


  • Features: intercept sms, cell phone gps tracking; call history logging; website monitoring; view phone contacts; intercept email communications;  tap into cell phone calls; reverse phone look up any call and the ability to make a spy phone call to listen in on the environment of the mobile phone which is bugged.
  • Price: $39.99USD to $249.995USD
  •  Compatible phones: Windows mobile, Blackberry, Symbian based, iphone and Android
  • Website:

In terms of making a choice of which sms spy software to use it should be totally dependent on your situation. The determining factor should be whether all of the features are enough to get the job done.

Text message tracker reviews- What are the leading applications to track sms messages?

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woman using text message interceptor

If you would like to read the content of any person’s sms messages then you would need a text message tracker app. It is pretty amazing how this technology is becoming very popular today. The major contributing factors to this are increase infidelity and also theft in the workplace. Therefore to determine what is happening many people are watching their spouses, friends and even workers communications to discover if the person is true or a fake.

The thought of using a text message tracker may seem overwhelming and also an invasion of privacy. However you would find many people are still turning to these apps because it is better to snoop than to have a cheating spouse in your bed or an employee who is dipping into your profits. It is almost like what is the greater of the two evils.

How difficult is it to use a text message tracker app?

In order to use this type of cell phone surveillance program you do not have to be a tech genious however you still need the basic skills. These are the ability to download as well as the ability to install a regular program on the device you are targeting. Once you have those two things downpack then it is just a matter of installing the program onto the mobile you are targeting. Soon after this is done you will start to track sms messages which are inbound or outbound of the particular mobile phone.

It would just be a matter of you reading every sms message intercepted and using your intuition. You will then be able to catch your spouse cheating, employee stealing or whatever. It may also mean that you were wrong about the person. This is the good thing about tracker software for text messages and that is you will get the unbiased truth.

What are the major players in the market?

When dealing with text message tracker software there are really two key apps which usually rule the market. These are Mobistealth and Spybubble. Their attributes are quite similar in which you will be able to spy on sms messages, monitor the mobile’s location, intercept emails, view calls inbound and outbound, view websites visited and more. However, Mobistealth does have additional abilities in which you can listen in on a phone conversation; spy on bbm chat and much more. This is what usually tilt the boat in its favor. It is best however to take a look at each respective website in order before you make your final decision on which text message tracker you prefer.

For more information about Mobistealth visit  and for Spybubble 

What is the best way to read my husband’s text messages?

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spy on husbands text messagesAre you thinking he is fooling around? Do you want to find out how to read your husband’s text messages to discover what the real deal with him is? Well that is no problem because there are a number of ways to monitor his correspondences without him knowing a thing. You can first use the old time method which involves takings his cell phone and then peeping through it to discover if there is anything which will sell him out.

This has been very effective at reading his text messages however the truth is that the guys are wising up. Therefore he will tend to remove any incriminating evidence before you can even look at the device. If you are able to get your hand onto his mobile you will then have a false sense of security because nothing will be there. In your eye he will be the good spouse when in fact the truth is that he is a big cheater. This means that you cannot expect 100% accuracy of this method.

There is another way in which you can read your husband’s text messages whether he removed them or not. This however will cost you a few bucks but it will be definitely worth it. It involves installing a special program known as a text message interceptor or sms spy onto his smart phone. This program will capture every single message sent or received to his cell phone and will send it to you via the internet. In this way it won’t matter if he tries to discard any evidence because this special surveillance software would have already captured it. Although this is the most effective way to monitor his sms messages it is illegal in some areas so before you implement anything please check your local authorities first.

One of the biggest problems in using technology to read someone’s text messages is the fact that it must be installed onto their cell phone. It might be difficult in general to acquire your husband’s mobile to install the particular program. However do not worry, you just need a ten minute window to setup everything. Therefore, ideal times can be during his shower or when he is outside cutting the lawn. After everything has been completed you can stay from a distance and discover everything he is up to.

The only question which usually comes after this is, what cell phone surveillance application is best to use? Well if you are looking for an easy app to use then take a look at Spybubble. You will not only be reading your husband’s text messages but much more with this technology such as tracking his location, view his emails etc. If you would like more information on this particular software then visit.