Android text message spy software | How to monitor someones Android sms messages secretly and discretely

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spy on android phone text messagesWhen it comes to Android text message spying your best bet will be to install sms surveillance software onto the mobile phone in question. Before the creation of such technology you would have had to look through the device during opportune time in which the person would be away from the cell phone. This included during showers or sleep time in which you will have enough time to spy on their Android text messages. This worked relatively well in many cases however there is always the possibility that the person erases all the incriminating evidence and there is also possibility of you been caught in the act.

This is why people have been turning to Android sms spy software because you won’t have to worry about text messages being deleted or being caught. The only thing you would need to do is to watch the communications as they come in and then be the judge.

Are these apps easy to use?

Typically, anyone can follow the instructions to setup up an Android text message spy app. It does not matter if you are dealing with a Motorola phone, Samsung or HTC because all of them functions the same. The most you would really need to know is how to download and install a regular app onto the Android phone in question. If you know how to do that then you can easily install the sms surveillance software. All the details such as content, time and date of the message will be sent to you through the internet to a secure account.

This account is maintained by the software which was chosen and in order for you to see the data you will have to logon with your security name and password. It is as simple as that to use and since it is online you can see the results virtually anywhere and anytime you wish to.

What program should I use?

When dealing with Android text message spy software you really have two great choices. The first is Spybubble which is the more popular one in which it costs around 50 bucks and comes with additional functions such as cell phone gps tracking; call logging; picture logging; url logging and more. In terms of simplicity and also price it is a great choice.

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Another popular app which is used when intercepting text messages is Mobile Spy its price starts at $49.99USD however you have added benefits of monitoring three separate cell phones with one subscription. Also you will have the opportunity to acquire a computer monitoring app (only with the one year subscription). This software now can be installed onto the person’s computer and you will be able to view their passwords, msn chat and more. In all you will be able to learn more by watching both their cell phone and computer at the same time.

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