Free sms spy software – Which apps on the market are allowing you to monitor someone’s sms for no charge.

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mobile spy softwareThe thought of free sms spy software is a great. Unfortunately, most cell phone surveillance software companies do not see it as being very profitable. However, there is still one app which will give you the power of intercepting someone’s text messages without putting forward a dime to the cause. It is not complimentary so it is not indefinite but you can take advantage of the free 7 day trial offer. If you like it then you can decide to purchase a subscription. If you got all the information you need or for some other reason you do not need it then there is no obligation for you to buy.

Does this sound good so far? If you believe that seven days is not enough for a free sms spy well do not worry. Most of the times people find out what they need to within the first day of using this type of software. If however, you need a bit more you can spend just as low as $49.99USD (check below for our special discount offer).

What app offers me a trial version to monitor sms messages?

The answer to that question is Mobile spy software. It is one of the most sought after cell phone surveillance applications you will find around. It is not limited to only sms spying but you will also be able to locate the mobile phone position via gps; view the call logs, view websites visited; picture and video capturing; email interception; contact details and calendar events capturing. These are more than enough to help you acquire all the information about the person which you are monitoring.

The best part is that the free version of Mobile Spy is the same as the one you will purchase. Therefore you won’t be testing a watered down product but what you will be actually getting if you decide to buy it in the end.

How do I get started with my free sms spy software?

It is pretty simple just register for the app. You just need to to go to the trial download page . You will then have to sign up and afterwards you will be given instructions to use the software. Install and start monitoring within minutes of virtually any target smart phone. If you do decide to extend the subscription then use coupon code “ spymonitor25” for a 25 % discount. You will just have to input it on the actual purchase page. So good luck and happy sms monitoring.