Intercepting text messages FAQ

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How much do I have to pay to intercept text messages?

It varies from phone to phone it can can cost as little as $29.99USD to $345.99 USD. The large variation is due to the fact that sms interceptor app actually comes with additional features and these functions contributes in determining the cost of the final product?

What software is available for intercepting text messages?

Currently on the market the two most recommended products are Spybubble and Mobile spy. Both work equally well however for those person’s who wish to monitor sms messages exclusively then Spybubble is the best offer and will cost that person $49.95USD. For more information about these products visit each review article:

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Is checking someones text messages legal?

Spying on sms messages maybe illegal depending on who you are spying on. It is best to seek legal advice to discover whether it is legal or illegal in your area.

Can you monitor text messages for free?

Yes, currently Mobile spy is actually offering persons a free 7 day trial on their products. If you were to get the information which you need or for some reason do not like this sms interceptor then you can choose not to purchase the software. It is with no obligations and with any free trial you will get to try it before you buy it.

Is there a remote method of installing this type of application?

Currently there is no software on the market today which can install their sms interceptor remotely. You need at least five minutes to download, install and configure this product. You will still need physical contact with the piece of equipment.

Can you transfer the app from one phone to another?

Most apps which are used for intercepting text messages are transferable from one cell phone to another. The only problem occurs when the phone moves to one which is not currently compatible.

Do I get any additional functionality with this type of software?

You can spy on virtually any cell phone communication you can think of which includes Blackberry messenger, phone conversations, gps locations, pictures taken and more. The cost however increases as the features do as well if you want something affordable then check out Spybubble.

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