Intercepting Text Messages With Mobile Spy Software

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Mobile spy is the number one phone spy app you can get when intercepting text messages. This sms interceptor software was created by the Retina X studios and have been in existence since 1997. It is no newbie to the market and can be considered an old veteran. In terms of features it does not only allow you to intercept text messages but also a number of other communications. Therefore by combining the features as a whole you will definitely discover what is up with the person you wish to monitor. It also takes the ease of relying on one function for the source of information.

Advantages of using Mobile spy when intercepting text messages.

On the market today there is no other app which offers as much bang for buck than Mobile spy. The first thing you will notice when reviewing this software is that it is compatible with virtually every major smart phone brand including the apple ipad. Therefore as a buyer you will more than likely find the app is compatible with the mobile phone you wish to monitor and also if it was to change then it is highly likely that this software would function on it as well.

Besides being generally compatible with many smart phone types this software also has three major advantages over the competition.

  1. It offers you the ability to spy on three separate phones. In the cases of a family or business this would be really advantageous because you would definitely have to pay more for three separate subscriptions with a different product.
  2. It has the best customer service in which you actually can call them and speak to someone on the phone. This takes away from the back and fourth emails although that system is also in place if need be.
  3. You can also monitor the person’s computer with a free version of Sniper Spy included in the one year subscription. Therefore you will gain access to all the passwords, msn logs and more. This means you will get the best of both worlds.

With these perks it is no wonder why it is one of the most popular apps used to intercept text messages.

Mobile spy review: Features

In total Mobile spy software has over ten key features. These are listed below:

  • Sms interception: The ability to read someones text messages unknown to them.
  • Cell phone gps tracking: you will be able to view the location of the mobile phone you are monitoring on a google map within a few feet. The actual location point of the mobile is highlighted with a marker.
  • Call logging: every single call made or received by the phone is recorded.
  • Picture Capturing: Any pictures taken is automatically captured and sent to your account.
  • Video Recording: Any videos taken with the phone is automatically recorded
  • Email logging: Mobile spy captures every email communication sent or received by the primary email account only.
  • Website recording: Each url visited is logged
  • Phone book Log: Everyone on the phones contact book will be sent to you.
  • Calendar Log: Events, memos and more which are for special occasions will also be sent to you.

Price and Purchase:

Mobile spy price starts at $49.99USD and goes up to $99.99 depending on the subscription type. If you would like more information about this product or would like to ask any questions then . You literally can start reading someones text messages within minutes.

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