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text-messages-interceptorDo you want to know how to read someones text messages without them knowing? Do you have suspicions about someone and would like to know the truth. Do not worry by the end of this tutorial you will know everything there is to know about monitoring sms messages.

If you are wondering if it is worth it to secretly read someone’s text messages the answer is absolutely. It is a fact that spying on someone usually gives you better and more accurate results than confronting them. Let’s face it why would the person tell the truth.  There are more reasons to tell a lie than to give you the real story. For example if your child is involved in sexting then he would never want you to know because the truth may cause him to be punished. If you’re an employee stealing then telling the truth may get you fired. Therefore extracting the absolute truth is a lot harder than you would like.

This is why checking someones text messages is important because you will know whether what they say is the truth or a lie. Initially you would have had to sneak and snoop at the person’s cell phone in order to see their sms messages. Using this method is disadvantageous because for starters you may be caught which means an argument and worst yet the person would be on their guard more. Another reason why this method is not very successful is that the person usually will delete the incriminating messages. Therefore you may be thinking everything is ok while in fact it is the absolute opposite.

If you really want to keep an eye on someones communications it is best to use a sms interceptor app. You just need to install it onto the person’s cell phone and you will never have to touch it again to know what is going on. This software would intercept text messages sent or received from the mobile and send it to you to view. The great part about this software is that it invisible and that it does not matter if the message is deleted. You will still be able to see its content.

A small compact sms interceptor app to use is Spybubble. It is compatible with most smart phones including Blackberry, iphone, Symbian (e.g. Nokia), Android (e.g. HTC or Samsung) and Windows mobile. Although your main goal is reading someones text messages this software offers additional features which include mobile phone gps tracking, call logging and also the ability to see phone book details. This software costs around $49.95 USD and it is available for instant download.

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