Spybubble review: Learn secretly to intercept sms messages, gps locations and more

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Spy bubble

Spybubble is actually the top selling sms interceptor software in the world today. When it comes to affordability and effectiveness Spybubble is really second to none. It has the most basic features which will allow you to discover what is really going on with the person you are monitoring. These features include the ability to intercept text messages, gps coordinates, calls incoming and outgoing to the mobile and also the list of persons in the phone’s contact book. If you are simply interested in reading someones text messages only then this will be the app for you. Since the features are limited this also means that the cost will be as well.

How to use Spybubble to intercept text messages?

Before you decide to go and purchase this application the first thing you must ensure is that the cell phone you are thinking about spying on is actually compatible with the product. This is done by simply going to that particular section in the main Spy bubble website. Once you confirm this then you will be cooking. For those people who need to spy on an iphone; you ensure that smart phone must be jail broken before installation. Otherwise this software or any other phone surveillance app will never work. Once that base is covered then it is time to go an register for the Spybubble.

On completion of  registration you will then have to setup your personal account with a specific log on name and password. This account is where you will go to see the data captured. Your next target is the specific phone itself, you have to download the Spybubble onto the phone and link it to your account by entering your specific key code. After that, within minutes you will begin to receive data captured. This includes text messages, gps data etc. It is as simple as that.

Warranty and other information

Spybubble is so confident with its product it comes with an unprecedented 60days warranty. Any issues you can return for a refund.

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