Cell phone Surveillance software – What is the best method to monitor a mobile phone?

Posted by admin on October 5, 2011 under Cell phone surveillance software | Be the First to Comment

surveillance of a mobile phoneIf you would like to monitor someone’s mobile phone covertly then your best option would be cell phone surveillance software. There are other methods which you can use such as the sim card reader however the truth is that it is not as good. For starters a sim card reader and any other device usually require you to gain repetitive access to the cell phone in order to acquire the information.  This means to get your surveillance information you would have to hook it up to the smart phone periodically in order to see what is going. This is sometimes unrealistic because you may not be able to consistently get your hands on the mobile phone to actually use these devices.

However, when dealing with cell phone surveillance software it is just a matter of installing the program once on the smart phone and you will always be informed of its communications. This is either via emails or through a secure web account which purpose is to store the data acquire. Either way you will always be in tuned to what is occurring without having to mess around the person’s mobile consistently. This comes to another advantage of surveillance software over hardware and that is information is delivered almost instantly. Therefore you will not have to wait to the end of the day to hook up the hardware to realize what has transpired.

So what can you do with a mobile phone surveillance app?

Everything depends on the type of software you require however, you can do virtually anything with this technology including intercepting text messages; tapping a phone call; monitor the smart phone location through satellite and much more. So you have a wide range of abilities to choose from. The only thing you will have to be certain of is that the product is compatible with the smart phone and that you will be able to set it up. Once you are certain of that then you will be able to spy on your spouse, children and virtually anyone for that matter.

Where can I find a decent spy program?

As mentioned earlier cell phone surveillance software can give you various abilities. In this overview we will look at two types the simple and the advance one. When it comes to simplicity you can use Spybubble. It is actually one of the more popular cell phone surveillance apps and it contains features such as sms spying, gps tracking, call logging etc. It actually have just enough features to get the job done and it costs just $49.99USD. For more information visit  .

If you want to go a bit further then Mobistealth is your product it will contain the basic functions but also advance ones such as call interception, spy phone calling bbm monitoring and much more. The price varies unlike Spybubble depending on which activities you wish to monitor. It starts at $39.99USD and can go as high as $249.99USD so choose the package wisely. If you would like to find out more about Mobistealth then