Ephonetracker review – Does Ephone tracker software really work?

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ephonetracker appYou have probably heard quite a bit of buzz about a cell phone spy app called Ephonetracker. Well with everything that is going on today these types of applications are proving useful in discovering deceit in relationships whether it is with your spouse, kids or even co worker. Whatever the scenario is it is usually the person’s mobile phone which holds the key to discovering what is really happening. Therefore if you can see what is going on with their cellular you will surely know what the truth is.

In this review we will be taking a look at Ephonetracker as a whole and what this program can actually do for you and most importantly whether it can work for you.

How does Ephonetracker works?

Ephone tracker is a cell phone spy application which when installed will monitor certain communications and send that information back to you via email. It sounds pretty simple enough but there are some technical details to this scenario. For starters you must physically install this cell phone spy application onto the mobile you wish to monitor. If this is not possible then this product will not work for you because there is no way to setup things remotely. Therefore access is a key necessity to use Ephonetracker.

The next thing which you may notice is that the target phone must be connected at some point to the internet. This is to facilitate Ephonetracker sending you details via email messages. It does not mean continuously however at least a few minutes during the day so you can get your report. For example most people at home are connected via wifi and that is usually enough to get your details.

Once these two factors are taking care of you will be guaranteed to have smooth sailing when using this application. Therefore you can start to spy on your spouse, child or employee with no hassle and problems.

What can you do with Ephone tracker?


When it comes to functionality once you have installed this program onto the particular device you will be able to:

  • Intercept text messages
  • Track the mobile phone
  • Phone book access
  • Website tracking
  • Call logging
  • The ability to secretly turn on the phone’s microphone making it a cell phone bug (sometimes called a spy phone call).
  • Monitor all websites visited

As you may notice you can get quite a bit of information from Ephonetracker. Typically the most effective functions are the cell phone tracking and also the text message interceptor ones. Generally these two will account for the majority of useful information you will acquire. If you know what the person and saying and where there are during the day or night surely you will wise up to what he or she is doing behind closed doors.

How do I begin?

The first thing which you will definitely need to do is to register for Ephonetracker. It is a simple process which usually takes a few minutes and cost just around $49.95USD to use. After that you will be ready to download the software and start your surveillance.

To find out more and to begin your journey using Ephonetracker

What are the top text message interceptor software on the internet today?

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Text Message Interceptor Software

Do you want to acquire text message interceptor software to monitor someone’s cell phone secretly? Well right now there are two apps which really stand out in the world of sms surveillance and their names are Mobistealth and Spybubble respectively. Both of them cost around the same price however their features vary slightly.

If you are wondering what features I am referring to you might be surprised to know that a text message interceptor is not only used for spying on sms messages but much more. You can virtually spy on any cell phone activity you wish this includes being able to listen in on cell phone conversations. In the grand scheme of things your best bet is to use a basic sms interceptor to get the job done. The advance cell phone spy apps are nice to have however they don’t usually offer much more value than the basic apps and to boot you can be spending a few hundred dollars to acquire the same results.

What do I need to start using text message interceptor software?

Well the main things you should be looking for when using this type of product is that you have time to install the application and also that the phone targeted actually works with the app. There are no shortcuts here because you need to physically install the program yourself and many times this is not possible. For example if your spouse is cheating he or she may become over protective of their smart phone which leaves no opportunity to setup.

The second criteria deals with compatibility and although the text message interceptor apps we will review works with the majority of smart phones it is still a fact that sometimes it is not compatible especially with newer model phones. A quick check of the list generally will let you know whether it will work or not work for you. Since you have a pick of two programs chances are you will definitely find one which will work for you.

Which should spy app is best for me?

As mentioned earlier both applications are similar however there is a difference in one of their features. The general features of these sms interceptors are intercepting text messages, cell phone tracking, mobile contact information, email monitoring, call logging and website tracking. Spybubble only carry the general features however gives you a better price in which you will only pay around 50 bucks for a lifetime subscription.

For further details about this cell phone spy app you can  .

Mobistealth on the other hand has some neat advance features such as the ability to turn the cell phone microphone on so you can listen in on the surroundings of the smart phone. It is like when someone forget to end a call and you can hear them talking on the other end. They are not aware you can hear everything so if he or she has something bad to say about you then you will find out. This feature is really powerful and is usually what push people to use this text message interceptor software instead. If you would like to find out more about Mobistealth then .

Now it is your turn to decide which works best for you.