Check someones text messages | How to catch your cheating spouse by checking their text messages?

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catch a cheating spouse

Do you need to check someones text messages to discover whether or not they are cheating on you? Have you tried previously but suspect your cheating spouse may have been deleting the sms messages to destroy evidence. If this is the case then you are going about things the wrong way. It is a fact that a cheater’s cell phone contains all the evidence you will need however, the question is how to get that evidence before it is destroyed. Another question is how to monitor their sms messages consistently without eventually being caught by your cheating partner.

It is not that difficult what you need is to do is to install a sms interceptor on the person’s mobile phone. This will allow you to check someones text messages without having physical contact with the cell phone in question. The best part is that you will be able to read the text messages whether the person has deleted them or not. Since the app is hidden on the target mobile phone your spouse would never be aware of what you are doing.

How do you get started intercepting text messages from your cheating spouse?

The first thing is the selection of software. In choosing any sms interceptor app you must ensure it is reliable and also is compatible with the mobile you wish to monitor. Once these two criteria are met it is a matter of signing up for software package. After signing up, your next step will then have to be installing the app onto the mobile you wish to monitor. This will take less than five minutes and it is no different than installing any other software on the phone.

After a few minutes you will start to intercept text messages from that phone. All the content of the message will be there for you to read including additional information such as the time and dates it was sent or received. Reading the sms message involves logging onto your sms interceptor account. (this is setup during the initial signing up)

What is the best text message monitoring app to use?

If you need a reliable inexpensive method to check someones text messages then Spybubble is the perfect choice. You will also be given additional features such as gps tracking, call logging and phone book access. There is no simpler solution out there right now.

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An alternative to Spybubble is Mobile spy. It cost a bit more but its additional functionality is definitely worth it.  For starters it allow you to spy on three separate phones and it also comes with computer monitoring software when you purchase the one year subscription. In terms of bang for buck you will get your money worth.

For more information on how to read text messages with  Mobile spy