What are the best apps to intercept iphone text messages?

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iphone sms messagesIntercepting iphone text messages is simple providing you know what you are doing. It involves installing a small program typically known as a sms interceptor onto the phone you wish to monitor. This app’s purpose is to intercept text messages sent or received by the iphone and then send it to you through a web account so you can see the content of the message. The technology is so simple that you do not have to be a techie to implement it. Providing you know how to install a regular iphone app then you will be good, within a matter of minutes you will be up and running.

This surely beats the previous method used to intercept iphone text messages which involved capturing the Apple smart phone and secretly scrolling through each and every text. The draw back with this is that you may be discovered and also there is no guarantee that the person hasn’t deleted the correspondence prior to you snooping. However, with a sms interceptor you will capture every event whether it is deleted or not.

Is there any prerequisite to using an iphone sms interceptor?

There are only two requirements necessary, the first one is that the Apple smart phone must be jail broken. If this is not the case then the software will not function. Jailbreaking an iphone is an exercise in which you allow third party apps to function on this smart phone. If it isn’t then you will have to jail break it yourself in order to install and setup the app. The second requirement is physical access to the mobile to install the program. Once you have those two bases covered it will be easy for you to intercept text messages from an iphone.

What are the best apps to use?

If you are looking for a simple program to monitor sms communications then Spybubble is definitely your best bet. It’s repertoire of features includes the ability to intercept iphone text messages, track the smart phone via gps, capture the full call log and also log every person in the address book. It is easily the most popular cell phone app on the market today because it is simple and effective and for just $49.99USD it is quite affordable.

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However if you need a bit more boost then it is recommended to use Mobile spy. It allows you to monitor up to three phones in one subscription. The coolest part is that it gives you a free computer spy app as well with its yearly subscription. Therefore you will be able to monitor both the person’s iphone as well as computer. In terms of bang for buck you won’t find a better program.

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